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Services I Offer

  • Social Media Strategy

    Social Media Strategy

    Social media is a powerful tool for growth, but it takes more than sending a tweet. Make sure you're using the right platforms properly.

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  • Digital Strategy

    Digital Strategy

    Your online presence shows who you are & what you offer. Make sure it's expressing the right value proposition & making it easy to work with you.

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  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing can engage your customer base & increase sales. Know when to send emails, what to send to whom, & how to avoid spam penalties.

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  • Social Media Management

    Social Media Management

    Social media needs constant attention & you're too busy to do it yourself. Ensure your presence is active & engaging

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  • Analytics


    You may look great online, but are you seeing value? Learn what the numbers are saying & how to improve your digital presence

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  • Online Safety

    Online Safety

    Internet safety for your kids is top priority. Find out what information they're sharing with whom, & get help teaching them right from wrong.

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How I Work With You

  • Understand Business Goals

    Building a great digital marketing plan starts with understanding who you are targeting, what you are offering, and what success means to you.

  • Learn Your Brand Voice

    Every brand has a personality and learning it is essential to expressing it online. We'll work together to identify and refine your online voice.

  • Find What Works & What Doesn't

    Not every digital marketing strategy works for every type of business. We'll look at the data that shows what's worked in the past, what hasn't, and come up with a plan of attack.

  • Analyze the Data

    Numbers don't lie. Once we find a strategy we like, we'll test it and optimize it so it works as effectively as possible

  • Level Up

    Digital strategy is an ongoing effort. Once we've found something that works, we'll continue to maintain the efforts until it's time to try something new.

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