Baby Mum Mums: Twitter Party - In Social
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Baby Mum Mums: Twitter Party

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About This Project

On June 6th, 2017, we hosted a Twitter Party with Baby Mum-Mum‘s Twitter account and MomsMeet! At the same time, we also launched a contest, hoping to giveaway a $500 credit to a hotel in the US or Canada. The hour long Twitter Party garnered the brand’s Twitter account 5,149 impressions and an 8.1% increase in engagement rate! Here are some other notable stats:

Between the event lead up time, and during the Twitter Party, we interacted with interested users and increased the brand's Twitter account following to 1,219: an 18% increase in only a few days!

During the hour-long party, we received 73 clicks to our tweeted links and 40 replies, 133 likes, and 51 retweets to our tweets

In just 2 hours, the giveaway received over 400 entries, and 850 entries after 24 hours!

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