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Baby Mum Mums: Twitter Party

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About This Project

On both June 6th, 2017 and September 25th, 2018, we co-hosted a Twitter Party with Baby Mum-Mum‘s Twitter account and MomsMeet! At the same time as the 2017 party, we also launched a contest to giveaway a $500 credit to a hotel in the US or Canada. The 2017 hour long Twitter Party garnered the brand’s Twitter account 5,149 impressions and an 8.1% increase in engagement rate. The 2018 party collected over 10,800 impressions and 48 new followers in under an hour. Here are some other notable stats:

Between the 2017 event lead up time, and during the Twitter Party, we interacted with interested users and increased the brand's Twitter account following to 1,219: an 18% increase in only a few days!

During the 2017 party, we received 73 clicks to our tweeted links and 40 replies, 133 likes, and 51 retweets to our tweets

In just 2 hours, the 2017 giveaway received over 400 entries, and 850 entries after 24 hours!

The hour long 2018 Twitter party brought in 60 retweets, 228 tweet likes, and 48 direct replies.

Within 2 weeks after the 2018 event, Baby Mum-Mum's Twitter following increased by 151 followers.

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