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Noaker’s Auto Body: Google Search Engine Marketing

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About This Project


In March 2018, we assisted our partner, Phoenix Solutions Group, to take over the digital marketing efforts for Noaker’s Auto Body. Noaker’s has been the leading auto body and collision repair facility in Duncannon, PA since opening their doors in 1999. Facing a potential revenue loss of over $1.4 million and many layoffs due to the shuttering of Progressive Insurance’s DRP offering, Noaker’s looked to us to use Google Search Engine Marketing (and social media), in tandem with a new website (developed by PSG) to bridge this large financial gap. Our digital advertising strategist created multiple Google Search Engine Marketing campaigns based on their services by selecting a specific set of keywords, targeting their small geographic location and setting a daily ad spent per their monthly advertising budget. By targeting the right people in the right location, our Search Engine Marketing campaign resulted in a 32% increase in total sales, a digital advertising gross ROI of 1283%, and the need for Noaker’s to actually hire more employees, rather than lay them off. 


Here are some notable stats:

Since the launch of their SEM campaigns with us, Noaker's has seen a $3,191.85 increase in monthly mechanical sales.

Noaker's RV repair sales numbers have increased by an average of $14,097.49 per month.

Our Google AdWords campaigns led to a monthly increase of $82,924.04 in Noaker's overall sales.

Noaker's spent less than $2,000 in advertising spend per month.

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